Are You Tired Of Promises, Platitudes, Rhetoric, And Politics – As – Usual? 5 Examples

Have you had enough of, the empty promises, rhetoric, platitudes, and politics – as – usual, whenever our nation faces any obstacle/ challenge, either real. and/ or, perceived? Whenever there is any act of terror, either within the United States, or somewhere else, around the world, the politicians, talking – heads/ news commentators, and know – it – all, individuals, seem to feel the need, to articulate their theory, and/ or, to blame and complain about something, or someone! When there are major issues, such as health care, immigration, tax policies, or standing – up, for the middle class, and seeking common ground, and a meeting, of the minds, individuals, from all sides of the political spectrum, voice their theory, which fits neatly, within their personal/ political agenda, beliefs, and self – interest. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 relevant examples of this behavior, and why, as was famously articulated, in the movie, Network, “I’m sick and tired, and not going to take it, anymore!”1. Gun safety: In our nation, the number of people, shot, by firearms, averages approximately 25 times more, than any other nation, in the world. Whether, this is from mass shootings, or individual ones, isn’t it about time, we stopped hearing all the Prayers and Wishes, and began witnessing viable action, and solutions. We’ve heard politicians, who have, for years, avoided taking any stand, blame these deeds, on things, such as mental illness, and video games. However. in Japan, where video games, are designed and played, far more, than in the U.S., there are significantly fewer incidents and deaths. We have all hear someone say, Guns don’t kill people. People do. However, isn’t the reality, people, with guns, do, the harm, and if they didn’t have these assault weapons, committing a mass shooting, would become far more difficult! How many incidents must occur, and how many more innocent people, must die, before responsible, responsive action, is taken? Are you tired of people, proclaiming, they are protecting their 2nd Amendment rights, when, in reality, the passage about the right to bear arms, referred to states’ rights, to have their own militias, to protect themselves against foreign adversaries? How dare they ignore that, as well, as equating the guns of the 1770′s, which shot one round, and, took at least 90 seconds, to reload, to today’s weapons? Responsible gun owners should be able to maintain their guns, but, since we license cars and drivers, why don’t we do so, for guns, and their owners? When you get your driver’s license, you must pass a written and driving test, so why not have that, for arms, also? A realistic waiting period, to ensure convicts, suspects, and those with specific mental illnesses/ threats, should also be imposed. Isn’t this the very least, we should demand, to protect the lives of Americans?2. Health care: We often speak about rights, but, isn’t the most important one, to be able to enjoy a happy, healthy, life, free from waste, etc? Is quality health and medical care, a right or privilege? Why should prescription drugs cost so much more, here, than elsewhere? Why not have laws, restricting manufacturers, from charging prices, far in excess of what is charged, in other countries? Shouldn’t we consider, everything, from delivery, costs, quality, alternatives, wellness, malpractice claims, and issues, which a thorough review, should be able to resolve in a fair, and equitable manner?3. Immigration: With the exception of Native Americans, everyone’s heritage, can be traced, to having immigrated to this country! While we should have a safe, secure border, this does not mean, we should, violate the basic human rights, which have always, made America, a great example, for the rest of the world!4. Tax policy: Trickle Down Economics has never worked in the U.S. When President Reagan tried it, in the 1980′s, a couple of years later, he was forced to suggest, taxing Social Security benefits, for the first time. President Trump’s, so – called, tax reform, passed in 2017, primarily benefited the wealthiest individuals, and major corporations, although, Trump, promoted it, as a great reform, for our middle class. We need, a sane approach, where our progressive tax system, is focused on, and the middle class, begins to enjoy, the true, American Dream!5. Standing – up, for the middle class: America is based on, eliminating, any elitist sense, and/ or, approach, and focusing on the fairest possible approach, and system!Wake up, America, and demand some sanity, in the way, we are governed! If we don’t face – up, to the reality of Climate Change, and taking care of our environment, we will be abandoning, our requirement, to leave the next generation, in the best possible position!

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